Forever Dawn

What to Expect from Breaking Dawn

August 17th, 2010

Unlike the first three movies, which were each released within a year of the previous one, fans now have to wait a year and a half until the first part of breaking dawn is released. Now that the high of Eclipse is beginning to fade, we’re all setting our sights on November 11, 2011 when Edward and Bella will hit the screen again for the first of the final two movies.Most fans agree that Breaking Dawn was the most action-packed of the novels, and we expect nothing less from the film. One of the most exciting aspects of this movie will be Edward and Bella’s relationship. If you’re on Team Edward then nothing is more exciting than the thought of these two finally saying “I do.” And even better than that, the vampire-human sex scene might be the most highly anticipated scene of the entire series; something we’ve all be waiting for. Since these movies are geared toward a young, teenage-girl audience, it will be interesting to see how the director, Bill Condon, creates this scene so as to keep it audience appropriate without losing the passion we read in the books. (more…)

The Films So Far

August 17th, 2010

When it comes to rating the first three movies in the Twilight saga, we all have our personal favorite. The box office is partial to New Moon, with Eclipse following closely behind. And depending on whether you consider yourself part of Team Edward or Team Jacob may determine which movie you pick as your favorite. We’ve attempted to come up with our analysis of the films up to this point and have ranked them accordingly.Though it was a tough call since we love every one, bringing home the gold is…Eclipse. The scale and quality of production seems to have improved with each new film, with the most recent being leaps and bounds beyond what appeared to be a low-budget independent work in the first movie. Eclipse also had the best balance of the two leading men. While Twilight was dominated by Edward and New Moon focused on Jacob, Eclipse kept them both in the lime light and we even enjoyed some competitive banter between the two. Though New Moon had the best box office performance, Eclipse wasn’t far behind.In our humble opinion, second place belongs to Twilight. For many, this is a surprising rank considering box office numbers and production figures. However, though it was lower quality than we would have liked, the first movie exposes the heart of the story and has one of the most gripping scenes of the series so far, as Edward rescues Bella from the horrific death James attempts to bestow upon her. Perhaps it’s a special connection we Twilight fans feel with this original book that first captured our hearts. (more…)

Our Favorite Edward and Bella Moments

August 17th, 2010

Some call them sappy, we call them touching. Edward and Bella’s complicated yet fairytale romance has more than its fair share of touching moments. As if reading the lines of the book didn’t paint a perfect enough picture, now we’ve got the movies to bring their love to life. Narrowing this list down to five seemed like an impossible task, but for better or worse we’ve picked our five favorite Bella and Edward moments. Watch them for the first time and you will be instantly captivated by this story or look at them again and experience the magic all over again.

  1. “You Are My Life Now.” (Twilight): When Edward uttered these five words to Bella in chapter 15 of the first book we were all completely dazzled. But nothing would compare to the fluttering hearts of every teenage girl in America as we watched Robert Pattinson flawlessly deliver this line on screen.
  2. Bella Saves Edward (New Moon): In a series where Edward has time and time again rescued Bella’s fragile life, finally she has the chance to save the love of her life from self destruction even though she thinks he no longer cares for her. The reunion that follows is absolutely perfect.
  3. Edward Saves Bella from James (Twilight): Just when we think the strong, unbeatable Edward will lose Bella to this monster, he, once again, saves the day. Robert Pattinson’s own song that accompanies this scene as he struggles not to suck the life out of Bella makes for the perfect ending to the first movie. (more…)

How to Cast a Human-Vampire Hybrid Baby

August 17th, 2010

To an outsider this may sound like absolute nonsense, but to the faithful followers of the Twilight saga, this is both a reasonable question and an understandable concern. When we all read the final book of the series and experienced the birth and growth of Edward and Bella’s baby we were both awe struck and horrified. This unearthly creature that nearly tore its mother apart by its own existence is also unbelievably loving and intelligent. When most of us imagine Renesmee Cullen we picture a beautiful, porcelain-skinned toddler most likely a brunette with longer hair and perhaps gentle curls. That alone, wouldn’t create much of a casting predicament. However, this is no overage little girl. Having been conceived by a human and a vampire, she possesses very unusual traits. (more…)

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